Unfucking the world, Reinventing Organisations and transforming NixonMcInnes

In recent months I’ve been publishing articles elsewhere on the web rather than this blog. I thought it would be a good idea to keep everything joined up, so here are a few things I’ve been writing about.

First up, some thoughts about how we perceive the world, and the notion of needing to change it: I’m giving up trying to unfuck the world and so should you.

I’ve also been exploring the importance of individuals (not groups) holding a vision for their initiatives: Resolving the paradox in Frederic Laloux’s wonderful book Reinventing Organisations; and on a similar theme, another article on breaking the taboo of authority in organisations.

Here’s the backstory about my company NixonMcInnes being radically transformed. The consulting business has been decentralised into an ecosystem of independent initiatives. The Meaning Conference which grew out of NM is happening for the 4th year on 12 November 2015 where 350 people will gather in Brighton to explore the future of business. Earlybird tickets are on sale.

4 thoughts on “Unfucking the world, Reinventing Organisations and transforming NixonMcInnes

  1. I think there is another aspect to these trends, i.e. the inevitable economics of digitisation – Ronald Coase started the ball rolling with his analysis of Transaction Costs, I’ve found it very usefulin thinking about organisation transform

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