Coaching & consulting

Scaling purposeful businesses

I work with founders and CEOs who are growing purposeful businesses to create a positive impact in the world, at scale. I also work as an associate with other coaches and consultancies to deliver these services to their clients.

Your needs

If any of these needs resonate with you then we should talk:

  • Learning how to step into the creative role of holding a purposeful vision as well as the leadership role of CEO;
  • Building an organisation structure and culture which drives autonomy, responsibility, transparency and creativity in service of the vision;
  • Getting money flowing into and around the initiative sustainably in support of the vision and not allowing money to become a distraction;
  • Maintaining the startup passion and dynamism as the company grows;
  • Ensuring co-founders have a creative, flowing relationship and resolving and unhelpful tensions or struggles;
  • Injecting fresh ideas and inspiration into teams;
  • Overcoming growth plateaus and other barriers to scaling meaningfully.

How I work

I lead every client engagement personally and have a trusted network of associates and partners who assist with delivery of larger projects.

Most clients work with me on a monthly retainer which works like this:

  • We meet either in person or virtually every fortnight;
  • We stay in touch in-between by email, text, whatsapp or whatever suits you;
  • There is no fixed amount of monthly time. We flex up and down based on your needs without a ‘taxi meter’ running. When the shit is hitting the fan I am there for you;
  • If the arrangement isn’t working for you or me we can review and adjust it at any time – you’re not tied into a long contract.

If you have a specific challenge or other need, you can also engage me on a project basis.

Your commitment and what you can expect

You should expect my input to be valuable from the very first conversation and to see results in your business in 3-6 months. For us to make significant headway you should be prepared to work together for at least nine months.

Your investment and return

I focus on clients who are at a stage in their growth where they can make a £1500-2000+VAT/month investment for support in their personal and business growth. In most cases the return on this investment should be increasing one or more of your key growth metrics by double digits.

I have space for a small number of clients on lower levels of investment if you are earlier on in your journey and we can both see the potential for growth. Or if you have a lower budget for now we can work on a lighter-touch arrangement to help you get to the next stage of growth.

How billing works and my guarantee

My first invoice will be sent to you when we agree to work together. This will be due to be paid any time during the first month. Further billing will be monthly as agreed. If you’re not satisfied you can cancel at any time and the latest invoice will be credited so there’s no financial risk for you in getting started.

How to get started

Let’s book in a video call. It won’t be a sales meeting – instead we’ll jump straight in and talk about your situation and needs. We’ll immediately be able to test whether it I might be able to help you. If it feels right, we will continue and if it’s ever not useful we can stop. I can also put you in touch with other clients so you can ask them about their experience of working with me.

You can view the free/busy time in my calendar. Find a slot that suits you and then get in touch to set up a call.

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