Coaching & consulting

A more creative, fulfilled, impactful you

“Tom is a truly inspirational independent thinker who comes from an authentic and loving space. Tom challenges and inspires in such a way that it feels fun to talk about scary stuff and act on uncomfortable insights. All of it leads to more competence, confidence and courage. Thanks Tom for your coaxing coaching!” — Asa Silfverberg.

Your needs

Would you like to:

Yes? Book a free introductory video call with me.

How I help

The heart of my approach is coaching: Exploring where you are, where you want to get to, and how to get there. We’ll spend some time early on in our relationship clarifying your vision which gives us a master brief to work from.

I am also trained to help you look deeply at who you are and where you have come from. How the stories you have developed about yourself impact your life, work and relationships today. I use techniques that are powerful and often great fun to explore your identity: who you want to be and who you are suppressing. This “inner work” can create the conditions for deep personal transformation and the ability to realise a big creative vision.

I combine all of this with very practical advisory services, giving you the benefit of my 20 years experience of the rollercoaster ride of being a founder, advising many other entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs, as well as research with hundreds more.

So most of the time my job is to guide you towards finding your own answers, yet sometimes help you shortcut a lot of time and experimentation to get to results that work, faster.

How we work together

Most clients work with me on a monthly retainer:

  • We meet in-person or virtually regularly, typically every two weeks
  • We stay in touch in-between by email and text: A lifeline in emergencies
  • There is no fixed amount of monthly time. We flex up and down based on your needs without a ‘taxi meter’ running
  • If the arrangement isn’t working for either of us we can review and adjust it at any time. You’re not tied into a long contract
  • We stop when your needs have been met

I also work with clients to design and deliver powerful one-off interventions like off-sites and workshops where there is a need to get people on the same page, unblock something, generate ideas, or plan a new initiative.

I lead every client engagement personally and have a trusted network of associates and partners who assist me with delivery when that’s needed.

Your investment

I have a range of simple pricing options depending on the size and complexity of your situation. Book a call with me and I’ll run you through it. 

How billing works, and my guarantee

My first monthly invoice will be sent to you when we agree to work together. This can be paid at your discretion any time during the first month when you feel like you can see the value and are ready to pay it. If that moment never arrives it’ll prompt a useful conversation to change how we’re working, or perhaps I’ll refer you to a different coach. My guarantee is that if it doesn’t feel right to pay, I’ll simply credit my invoiceThis means there’s no financial risk for you in getting started.

How to get started

Let’s have a conversation. We’ll jump straight in and talk about your situation and needs and test whether I can help you. I also recommend you talk to one of my other clients to hear about their experience of working with me.

You can book a call directly into my calendar for a time that suits you, or book a time to meet for coffee in Brighton. Feel free to contact me by email if you’d prefer to start a conversation that way.


“Tom has become invaluable support for me and my business. He has provided me with the clarity, insight and perspective to help me see where I want to take the studio. Tom’s approach is genuinely supportive, but he will always challenge me when necessary.” – Hamish Makgill.

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