New date for my London founder workshop and a new workshop about money

I’ve moved my London founder workshop to 1 Dec to give people who’d like to come a bit more notice. The Brighton workshop is going ahead as planned on 16 Nov as part of the Meaning Conference fringe.

You might also be interested in the money game and workshop I’m running near London on 23 Nov. It’s for anyone who’s interested in the nature of money and their relationship to it. If you have a sense that money doesn’t always work the way you’d like it to in your life or work then you’ll get some answers here. It’s not a get-rich-quick seminar, but a deep exploration of what money is and underneath all that, who you really are. It’s profound stuff.

And finally, I have to mention that the final batch of tickets for Meaning 2016 are now on sale. This is our big annual event for everyone interested in making business fit for the 21st century. Hope to see you there.

More workshops for founders and entrepreneurs

I’ve just launched two more dates for my workshop for founders.

They’re happening on 16 Nov in Brighton (as part of the Meaning Conference fringe) and 1 Dec in London.

The insight behind the workshop is based on research with over 500 entrepreneurs and founders led by Peter Koenig, and will be useful to you if you’d like answers to questions like these:

  • What’s the role of a founder in realising a big idea?
  • How can I maintain the startup passion as we grow?
  • Why do acquisitions often drain the life out of startups?
  • What’s the secret of successful co-founder collaboration?
  • How can I ensure my startup doesn’t fizzle out after I exit?
  • How can I hold the vision and also create autonomy for my team?

Full details are on the event pages.

They are both limited to 10 places maximum so reserve your place for London or Brighton before they fill up.

Previous workshop participants said:

“intriguing and insightful”

“real clarity on why I have founded the businesses I have”

“great insight on some possible blockages on my existing business”

“a day very well spent and I look forward to spending more time with Tom”

“The results: a common language for my co-founder and I to navigate the ups and downs of lives as entrepreneurs”

“a real understanding of the individual roles of my co-founder and me”

“I’m so happy I discovered this so early. Now I’ve done this, I can’t see how you could found a company not knowing it”

“Tom does a great job of sharing his practical experiences, his theoretical models whilst staying away from dogma and leaving the conversation to emerge based on individuals needs”

“a gift if you’re starting a company or if you’re feeling a little lost where you are”


Training: Learning about embodied authority

I’m excited about attending this two day training programme with the brilliant Elizabeth Lovius on Oct 6 & 7. My reason for going is to learn more about embodied authority. To me this means when you know – with your whole body – what it is that you need to create in the world. It’s when your gut, heart and mind are all open and clear about realising an idea that’s uniquely yours and you have the passion to see it through.

I know from my own journey as a founder and the dozens of other founders I’ve interviewed and directly worked with over the years how important this is. It’s so easy to invest yourself in a project for years without having a deeper connection to it. I learnt that lesson the hard way and I’m curious to learn more about how founders can operate from a deep authority to realise big ideas.

The two day training session should be a fascinating day for leaders. There are still one or two more places left on the course. It would be great to see a familiar face or two there so check out the website and sign up if you feel called to do so.

Workshop (London): Why do some founders realise big ideas, and other initiatives fizzle out?

For the last three years I’ve been involved in action research with over 500 founders. It’s uncovered some fascinating common principles which explain why some big ideas get realised, and others fizzle out.

It’s now time to get this stuff out into the world, so I’m running a one day workshop in London on 8 Sept. It’s just for founders trying to realise big ideas. You’ll explore the principles which came out of the research, all in the context of your own endeavours. It might well lead to some big revelations about the next steps for your big idea.

It’ll be useful to you if you’d like answers to questions like these:

– What’s the role of a founder in realising a big idea?
– How can I maintain the startup passion as we grow?
– Why do acquisitions often drain the life out of startups?
– What’s the secret of successful co-founder collaboration?
– How can I ensure my startup doesn’t fizzle out after I exit?
– How can I hold the vision and also create autonomy for my team?

Thurs 8 Sept. Venue TBC – Central or East London.
9:45AM – 4:30PM, then we’ll head out for drinks.
12 places maximum.

There’s a fee for joining based on what should be affordable. Your contribution helps me fund myself while I continue the research so please pay what you can.

More details and registration:

P.S. Please share this with any London-based founders you know. Thanks!

Would you like to do something for your soul this summer?


I’ve been putting together a week of mindfulness teaching set in the beautiful French Alps this summer. Would you like to join us for one or a few days?

There are still cheap flights available and it’s just one hour from Geneva. We also have flexible price options to make it as affordable as possible.

Here are the details. You can also check out the event on Facebook.

::::: WHAT’S HAPPENING? :::::
This August, Dr Joel & Michelle Levey, two of the world’s most experienced and respected teachers in the contemplative arts, sciences and wisdom traditions will be in Dream Valley in the French Alps, one hour from Geneva.

We invite you to an inspiring adventure to explore mindfulness, meditation, mind-fitness, wisdom teachings, and extraordinary human potential. It’s open to everyone: From young adults, to families with children, entrepreneurs & change-makers, and those from the local community.

You are welcome to participate on the dates of most interest to you during the week.

Register your interest here:

::::: WHAT DOES IT COST? :::::
You can select the financial contribution that is right for you. Here is some guidance.

Adults with higher incomes, suggested contribution £150 per day of participation.
Middle income: £100 per day.
Lower income: £50 per day.
Unwaged: £20 per day to cover food costs.
Under 21’s: FREE.
Additional offerings to the teachers are also welcome if you are so moved.

You will need to pay for your own travel and accommodation. If you register your interest using this link we will help you find the right options:

If you would like to come to more days than you can afford, please pay what you can and come anyway – we don’t want you to miss out.

All sessions are FREE for under 21’s, and we can also cover airfare, travel and accommodation free of charge for a limited number of young people. Thank you to our generous sponsors Anderson Acoustics, Neil Witten and Propellernet for making this possible.

::::: WHO IS IT FOR? :::::
You don’t need to have any special skills or experience to join this retreat. Just a genuine curiosity and wish to fully commit yourself to learning. All teaching will be in English.

This is for you, your partners, friends and families if you would like to:

– Develop your capacity to live with greater mindfulness, mind-fitness, resilience and self-mastery.
– Learn how to live a more healthy, balanced, and conscious life.
– Foster healthy and meaningful relationships.
– Learn profoundly practical ways to thrive in these complex times.
– Spend time in the stunningly beautiful outdoors in the French Alps with meditations and conversations along the way.
– Be part of a multigenerational vibrant learning community reflecting deeply on how these practices and perspectives weave deeply into our daily lives, work and relationships.

The teaching is spiritual but not religious, yet compatible with all major faiths.

You are welcome to participate on the dates of most interest to you during the week.

The schedule will be tailored to those wishing to participate. So far, the plan looks like this:

Mon 22 Aug: Evening conversation and meditation with Joel & Michelle. Open to all.

Tues 23 Aug: A one day retreat for 16-20 year olds with teachings from Joel & Michelle, conversations, meditations, and explorations of the beautiful mountains.

Weds 24 Aug: Teaching, meditation and walking. Tailored to those who would like to participate this day.

Thurs 25 Aug: A one-day mind-fitness retreat open to all. Families and others with children of all ages are especially encouraged to come. It will include teaching, conversations, walking and time outdoors.

Friday 26 Aug: Teaching, meditation and walking. Tailored to those who would like to participate this day.

Saturday 27 Aug: Teaching, conversation and walking focussed on entrepreneurs, leaders and other change-makers.

Sunday 28 Aug: Teaching, meditation and walking. Tailored to those who would like to participate this day.

Monday 29 Aug Morning. Closing sessions open to all.

Register your interest here:

Samoens is one hour from Geneva.
From overseas there are cheap flights to Geneva on EasyJet, BA and more.
From Geneva you can hire a car, or catch a train to Cluses and take a 20 minute taxi ride.
Car sharing and ground transport for groups can also be arranged – please contact us.
There are multiple accommodation options in Samoens. We recommend: La Vieille Ferme, which will also be used as a base for the teaching during the week.

Dr. Joel and Michelle Levey offer a rich multidisciplinary blend of insights, inspiration, and experience distilled from 47 years of intensive study and practice in the contemplative sciences and wisdom traditions, and the seamless integration of their work through multiple roles as: clinicians in medical centers; corporate trainers/consultants working with leaders and executive teams around the globe; mindfulness and meditation teachers (in numerous contemplative traditions – including study with very respected teachers from many different “mindfulness lineages” and authorization to teach); mentors to leaders in government, business, medical, and military arenas; faculty at leading universities around the world; mind-fitness coaches for world-class and Olympic-gold athletes; and contemplative science researchers.
Michelle and Joel also have the unique distinction of having done this work together as a couple for 33 years. They were among the first people to introduce the “inner sciences” into mainstream business, medicine, higher education, sports, and government arenas beginning in the 70s.

Michelle and Joel’s clients include: NASA, Google, World Bank, British Parliament, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, National Institute of Health, Institute for Health & Productivity Management, and hundreds of leading organizations around the globe. They have served as faculty at University of Minnesota Medical School, Antioch University; Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad); Mahidol University (Thailand); The World Business Academy, and International Center of Organization Design. Their books are available in 14 languages and include: Living in Balance: A Mindful Guide for Thriving in a Complex World; Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mind Fitness; Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration, and Meditation: Ancient Skills for Modern Minds, and many other books.

To learn more about Joel & Michelle:

Register your interest here:

Event: Meaning 2014 for better 21st century business

Lee Bryant

We just launched Meaning 2014, the NixonMcInnes conference for better 21st century business on 18 Nov 2014 in Brighton. I’m really excited to be curating the event this year and I have a particular emphasis on building businesses that leave people meaningfully better off. The speaker line-up is shaping up really well, and we’re also making more time on the day for conversation and participation.

Check out the announcement or the event website for more details. There are a limited number of earlybird tickets available if you book now. Hope to see you there.

Radically different help and support for creative business projects

This week we announced The FuseBox Amp. We’re searching for six of the most promising and ambitious people who are in the process of starting innovative creative or digital business projects, and providing them with four weeks of radically different learning and support unlike anything Brighton has seen before.

We are looking for people who have started creative business projects that are still at an early stage and have a need for support. Their project might be:

  • a start-up,
  • a new product or service in an existing business,
  • a project to pivot a business from one business model to another.

We don’t care about their background or how much experience they have. We are interested in the person they are today, and the impact they want to make in the future.

Do you know anyone working on an early stage creative/digital business project who might be interested in applying? If so, please do forward this on and encourage them to apply.

You can drop me a line if you have any questions.