A short collection of my popular writing

1. Succession

Succession is a critical moment in a founder’s journey which I guide my clients through. It’s about so much more than simply handing over a job title and dealing with shares. Read “Taking over from a founder-CEO: Why it goes wrong and how to get it right.

2. Money

A founder’s relationship with money can make or break their chance to realise a creative vision. Through the stories of two millionaires I know, here’s a guide to how money really works. Read “Millionaires and the surprising truth about their money worries.” And while we’re on the subject, let’s debunk the myth that “money is fuel”.

3. Organising

A founder can’t realise a big idea alone. They’ll need to find a creative way to organise around the vision without becoming a bureaucracy. Read “Build a company culture of responsibility and focus without traditional management hierarchy.” And also “A 3-step process for developing purposeful organisations.

Event: Creative Co-founding – How to realise big ideas, stay great friends and keep the startup passion

On 10 April 2017 I’m running a workshop with The Happy Startup School exclusively for pairs and trios of co-founders. Anyone teaming up to realise ambitious ideas together who knows that there’s no relationship more important than that between co-founders. It’s happening in the beautiful setting of Wilderness Woods in Sussex.

Here’s a one-minute video explaining more. You can get the full details and book online here.



New date for my London founder workshop and a new workshop about money

I’ve moved my London founder workshop to 1 Dec to give people who’d like to come a bit more notice. The Brighton workshop is going ahead as planned on 16 Nov as part of the Meaning Conference fringe.

You might also be interested in the money game and workshop I’m running near London on 23 Nov. It’s for anyone who’s interested in the nature of money and their relationship to it. If you have a sense that money doesn’t always work the way you’d like it to in your life or work then you’ll get some answers here. It’s not a get-rich-quick seminar, but a deep exploration of what money is and underneath all that, who you really are. It’s profound stuff.

And finally, I have to mention that the final batch of tickets for Meaning 2016 are now on sale. This is our big annual event for everyone interested in making business fit for the 21st century. Hope to see you there.

I’m giving away three tickets to my founder workshops

Next month I’m running two workshops for founders. 2 Nov in London and 16 Nov in Brighton. It’s all about how some big ideas get realised and others fizzle out, and the special role of founders in that. It’s a highly interactive day with no powerpoint – we simply work with the stories and live situations of the people who are there.

I’m giving away three tickets which are valid for either date to founders of interesting not-for-profit initiatives who would otherwise not be able to afford the standard ticket price of £150+VAT.

If you’d like to apply for one of these free tickets, just fill in the form below.

More workshops for founders and entrepreneurs

I’ve just launched two more dates for my workshop for founders.

They’re happening on 16 Nov in Brighton (as part of the Meaning Conference fringe) and 1 Dec in London.

The insight behind the workshop is based on research with over 500 entrepreneurs and founders led by Peter Koenig, and will be useful to you if you’d like answers to questions like these:

  • What’s the role of a founder in realising a big idea?
  • How can I maintain the startup passion as we grow?
  • Why do acquisitions often drain the life out of startups?
  • What’s the secret of successful co-founder collaboration?
  • How can I ensure my startup doesn’t fizzle out after I exit?
  • How can I hold the vision and also create autonomy for my team?

Full details are on the event pages.

They are both limited to 10 places maximum so reserve your place for London or Brighton before they fill up.

Previous workshop participants said:

“intriguing and insightful”

“real clarity on why I have founded the businesses I have”

“great insight on some possible blockages on my existing business”

“a day very well spent and I look forward to spending more time with Tom”

“The results: a common language for my co-founder and I to navigate the ups and downs of lives as entrepreneurs”

“a real understanding of the individual roles of my co-founder and me”

“I’m so happy I discovered this so early. Now I’ve done this, I can’t see how you could found a company not knowing it”

“Tom does a great job of sharing his practical experiences, his theoretical models whilst staying away from dogma and leaving the conversation to emerge based on individuals needs”

“a gift if you’re starting a company or if you’re feeling a little lost where you are”


Training: Learning about embodied authority

I’m excited about attending this two day training programme with the brilliant Elizabeth Lovius on Oct 6 & 7. My reason for going is to learn more about embodied authority. To me this means when you know – with your whole body – what it is that you need to create in the world. It’s when your gut, heart and mind are all open and clear about realising an idea that’s uniquely yours and you have the passion to see it through.

I know from my own journey as a founder and the dozens of other founders I’ve interviewed and directly worked with over the years how important this is. It’s so easy to invest yourself in a project for years without having a deeper connection to it. I learnt that lesson the hard way and I’m curious to learn more about how founders can operate from a deep authority to realise big ideas.

The two day training session should be a fascinating day for leaders. There are still one or two more places left on the course. It would be great to see a familiar face or two there so check out the website and sign up if you feel called to do so.