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tom in tusheti

I cut my teeth in business over 15 years as founder of one of Europe’s first dedicated social business consultancies working with clients like Barclays, Coca-Cola and WWF. The team also launched the annual Meaning Conference for better 21st-century business. The company was like a living laboratory exploring progressive ways of structuring and working. We had some spectacular successes, and failures too. It was incredible learning.

I sold some shares and exited in 2011 and travelled the world before returning two years later where the team and I turned it around from the brink of disaster. In 2015, the consulting brand was retired and Meaning Conference was spun out as an independent business which is going strong to this day. Its consulting services became an ecosystem of independent initiatives. This gave me space to fully move away from digital consultancy and follow my passion working with other founders to bring impactful ideas to reality and build progressive organisations.

My approach is a mix of coaching, personal transformation, and practical support for founders. I help make sure they’re truly following their passion, are clear on their idea and are building the culture, structure and strategy to make it happen. I also work with large, established enterprises to help them re-connect with purpose, ensuring the passion it was founded with – however long ago – is maintained. Read more about my coaching and consulting offer.

I’m also back in founder-entrepreneur mode myself. My startup, Maptio, is an online software product for organisations operating without traditional management structures.

I publish articles on Medium as well as speak at events. I’m currently bringing my writing, research and personal experience together into a book. It’ll be the handbook I wish I could have had in my at the start of my journey as a founder and at all the critical moments along the way.

Let’s connect. You can book a call with me, follow me on Twitter, or connect on LinkedIn.

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