What I’m up to at the moment (Spring 2016)

A few people have asked me what I’ve been up to recently so here’s a little snapshot:

  • Advising a £1BN London Stock Exchange-listed financial company on clarifying and aligning the business around its purpose.
  • Working with the founder of an executive coaching company focussed on people-centred leaders to get clear on what it’s all about for them personally and advising on how to hold and realise their big idea.
  • Hosting ‘founder days’ with individual entrepreneurs, one-to-one, helping them to get get clear on their idea and remove anything that’s blocking them being fully creative.
  • Helping a new organisation working on solving the global refugee crisis to clarify the creative structure beneath the organisation, starting with the founder, so they have the foundation for building out the right formal organisation, governance and legals.
  • Working with the founder of an international tourism business to realise their ambition of creating a highly progressive business.
  • Advising senior leadership following the acquisition of a small iconic company by a large multinational tech company to smooth the transition from original founder to new management.
  • Helping the founder of Good Money to reinvent financial services for the public good.
  • Running money workshops at business schools, for the public and within companies to raise levels of consciousness about the nature of money and the human relationship to it.
  • Working with Joel & Michelle Levey, Brighton Youth Centre and others to bring mindfulness teaching to 14-18 year olds.
  • Getting started on working on Meaning Conference 2016.

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