Crowd funding experiment: How to sell consulting work without being slimy

No more slimy sales consultants

No more slimy sales consultants

Whilst I’m focussing most of my time on The Brightoneers and a couple of new ventures, I thought it would be fun to launch a little experiment using crowd funding, not least because we have a Brightoneers event on crowd funding coming up next week.

My goal with this project is to bring more integrity into the world of business by helping change the world of selling away from manipulation and persuasion, using empathy instead. This is drawing on my experience heading up business development in my previous company.

If you provide consulting services and would like to learn how to sell more effectively without turning into a slime-ball then this is for you.

Here’s a rosy-cheeked video of me (the heating was up too high when I filmed it!) as an introduction. You can see all of the project details on indiegogo. Feel free to back it or pass it on to anyone you know who works as a consultant. As I said, it’s a bit of an experiment and I don’t know if it’ll meet its target but I wanted to learn more about crowd funding and there’s no better way than to try it out. Thanks!

How to sell consulting projects without being slimy from Tom Nixon on Vimeo.